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A life in pictures

My mother introduced me to photography when I was born. While still in the hospital she began documenting my life with pictures and continued to do so until I was old enough to take my own photographs. I look back at some of those images from my first camera, a Kodak Disc Camera (circa 1982), and marvel at the creativity. Maybe that's why I don't hesitate to give my son a camera and let him shoot randomly whatever catches his eye.

We all document our lives in photos and digital technology has only allowed this medium to become more creative and accessible. I enjoy photographing people and specialize in children and family photography.  I was a professional photographer from 2009-2016.  At the start of 2017, I decided that I was doing much more volunteer and hobby photography and decided to cancel my business license and PPA membership.  This was a tough decision but one that I hope allows me to focus on honing my craft so that one day I can re-join the ranks of "pro."