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Happy Fish: Downtown Little Rock, AR, USA

Well friends, I think it's no secret that I absolutely LOVE being creative-- photography, planning services, writing-- but as busy as I am I haven't invested back into with education or updating of equipment.  So at the start of 2017, I made a tough decision that has been on my heart for about a year.  Stop trying to be a "pro" photographer... and enjoy life, learn, and grow.  No cons about it.  Just pros.  So that's my focus right now.  I want to learn.  I want to grow.  And maybe one day I will renew my business license and tax ID and all that goes into being a "professional."  But for today, I'm going to enjoy just being and being happy as a hobbyist.




Farm Chic Tailgating Ideas

Thanks to my friends at KATV for inviting me to put together a Farm Chic tailgate just in time for Razorback football.  

Segment can be viewed here!  Special thanks to the great folks at P. Allen Smith for the use of some fantastic farm chic items handpicked from Allen's shop.  

Farm Table With Creamware Floral Red

Tailgating doesn’t have to mean plastic coolers and Styrofoam plates, it can have a gourmet edge that really sets your event apart from others whether you’re in the parking lot of the stadium or in your own backyard.

For Hog fans, one way to do this is to subtly embrace the pig with a farm chic theme—you’ll see we aren’t just going 100% Razorback everything, we’re bring in some elements that maybe you have around the house—or wouldn’t mind having around the house, like a ceramic pig, piggy banks, or other fun elements. 

Many of the items you are seeing here are from Arkansas’ own farm chic expert P. Allen Smith.  Allen’s collection of hand picked items are available at and I really appreciate his team letting me raid their stockroom for this segment.   

 Whether of not you’re setting up your tailgate indoors or out, farm chic is a great way to go! It’s so southern and traditional and says welcome!  Set a buffet using elements that are easy to mix and match such as these creamware platters.  I love how they are all a different design but work together as a collection.  When guests bring items have them transport them in disposable containers and you can just plate their shared items up and instantly create an elegant but uniform look.

I especially love using multi-use items, like these ceramic jars, which look like painted mason jars, and I’ve topped them with Razorback red carnation for a pom-pom look and in this segment I just ran by the grocery and purchased assorted red flowers… but you can also use them for beverages.  How cute would this be for a favorite football cocktail?  Did you know you can infuse bourbon with bacon to make some really cool cocktails?  I did some research on this and it’s perfect for us Hog fans-- Maybe come up with one of these bacon infused mixes you like and call it the Wooo Pig Sooie or Hair of the Hog.   

Bacon Infused Cocktail Recipe #1

Bacon Infused Cocktail Recipe #2

Lay out lots of finger foods and these galvanized metal trays are perfect for holding sandwiches, which I like to wrap in parchment and pin with a toothpick.  You can write on the paper the type of sandwich to help guests.  Of course accenting the tray with a pig is great—I used an actual piggy bank.  The nice thing about a tray of food is after people start cheering on the team you can walk around with them and offer seconds. 

I also used tasters which would be perfect for sampling, say, some bacon infused chocolate or a rich desserts or cheeses.  Delish!

Decorate with easy to source items like bistro lights, a pop up tent, colorful table cloth.  These little extras just tie everything together.